Omowamiwa Kolawole


Practice Area

Human Rights, Corporate Governance, Energy, Oil and Gas



Omowamiwa Kolawole holds a Doctorate Degree (Ph.D.) from the University of Cape Town, where he is also completing a Master’s Degree (MPH)  in Public Health after obtaining Bachelor’s Degree (LLB) from the University of Lagos obtained in 2009 and a Master’s Degree (LLM) from the University of Cape Town, South Africa. He was called to the Nigerian Bar in 2010 and engaged in active private legal practice, with a special interest in issues pertaining to social justice and the law as a tool for social change and development. . He has consulted on a number of public health interventions on the African continent, providing key insight into the legal ramifications of public health policy, while infusing human rights best practices into the global decisions around the post covid era of conducting business in addition to his interests in energy, oil and gas, cybercrime, and corporate governance

Omowamiwa has gained considerable work experience, having worked in a few of the Nigeria’s top law firms, as well as the Supreme Court of Appeal of Malawi. He has published works on human rights, the right to health, gender, and sexual violence He has also held key positions of leadership in various social organisations and has worked with young people in nurturing leadership skills. He was part of the team that organised the hosting of a Stakeholders Symposium on the Cybercrime Prohibition and Prevention Act 2015 by Centre for Law and Business, an affiliate of Partners CLB Barristers & Solicitors soon after the enactment of the Act.

Omowamiwa is a member of the Nigerian Bar Association and the Nigerian Association of Law Teachers and a member of

the Law Faculty at Centre for Law and Business engaged in extensive research and other academic pursuits.

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